SB 10.27.26

nānā-rasaughāḥ sarito
 vṛkṣā āsan madhu-sravāḥ
 girayo ’bibhran un maṇīn
nānā — various; rasa — liquids; oghāḥ — flooding; saritaḥ — the rivers; vṛkṣāḥ — the trees; āsan — became; madhu — with sweet sap; sravāḥ — flowing; akṛṣṭa — even without cultivation; pacya — ripened; oṣadhayaḥ — the plants; girayaḥ — the mountains; abibhran — carried; ut — above the ground; maṇīn — jewels.
Rivers flowed with various kinds of tasty liquids, trees exuded honey, edible plants came to maturity without cultivation, and hills gave forth jewels formerly hidden in their interiors.