SB 9.7.21

tataḥ puruṣa-medhena
 hariścandro mahā-yaśāḥ
muktodaro ’yajad devān
 varuṇādīn mahat-kathaḥ
tataḥ — thereafter; puruṣa-medhena — by sacrificing a man in the yajña; hariścandraḥ — King Hariścandra; mahā-yaśāḥ — very famous; mukta-udaraḥ — became free from dropsy; ayajat — offered sacrifices; devān — unto the demigods; varuṇa-ādīn — headed by Varuṇa and others; mahat-kathaḥ — famous in history with other exalted personalities.
Thereafter, the famous King Hariścandra, one of the exalted persons in history, performed grand sacrifices by sacrificing a man and pleased all the demigods. In this way his dropsy created by Varuṇa was cured.