SB 9.5.10

yady asti dattam iṣṭaṁ vā
 sva-dharmo vā svanuṣṭhitaḥ
kulaṁ no vipra-daivaṁ ced
 dvijo bhavatu vijvaraḥ
yadi — if; asti — there is; dattam — charity; iṣṭam — worshiping the Deity; — either; sva-dharmaḥ — occupational duty; — either; su-anuṣṭhitaḥ — perfectly performed; kulam — dynasty; naḥ — our; vipra-daivam — favored by the brāhmaṇas; cet — if so; dvijaḥ — this brāhmaṇa; bhavatu — may become; vijvaraḥ — without a burning (from the Sudarśana cakra).
If our family has given charity to the proper persons, if we have performed ritualistic ceremonies and sacrifices, if we have properly carried out our occupational duties, and if we have been guided by learned brāhmaṇas, I wish, in exchange, that this brāhmaṇa be freed from the burning caused by the Sudarśana cakra.