SB 8.9.7

vayaṁ kaśyapa-dāyādā
 bhrātaraḥ kṛta-pauruṣāḥ
vibhajasva yathā-nyāyaṁ
 naiva bhedo yathā bhavet
vayam — all of us; kaśyapa-dāyādāḥ — descendants of Kaśyapa Muni; bhrātaraḥ — we are all brothers; kṛta-pauruṣāḥ — who are all able and competent; vibhajasva — just divide; yathā-nyāyam — according to law; na — not; eva — certainly; bhedaḥ — partiality; yathā — as; bhavet — should so become.
All of us, both demons and demigods, have been born of the same father, Kaśyapa, and thus we are related as brothers. But now we are exhibiting our personal prowess in dissension. Therefore we request You to settle our dispute and divide the nectar equally among us.