SB 8.9.20

kalpayitvā pṛthak paṅktīr
 ubhayeṣāṁ jagat-patiḥ
tāṁś copaveśayām āsa
 sveṣu sveṣu ca paṅktiṣu
kalpayitvā — after arranging; pṛthak paṅktīḥ — different seats; ubhayeṣām — of both the demigods and the demons; jagat-patiḥ — the master of the universe; tān — all of them; ca — and; upaveśayām āsa — seated; sveṣu sveṣu — in their own places; ca — also; paṅktiṣu — all in order.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead as Mohinī-mūrti, the master of the universe, arranged separate lines of sitting places and seated the demigods and demons according to their positions.