SB 8.20.30

sarvātmanīdaṁ bhuvanaṁ nirīkṣya
 sarve ’surāḥ kaśmalam āpur aṅga
sudarśanaṁ cakram asahya-tejo
 dhanuś ca śārṅgaṁ stanayitnu-ghoṣam
sarva-ātmani — in the supreme whole, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; idam — this universe; bhuvanam — the three worlds; nirīkṣya — by observing; sarve — all; asurāḥ — the demons, the associates of Bali Mahārāja; kaśmalam — lamentation; āpuḥ — received; aṅga — O King; sudarśanam — named Sudarśana; cakram — the disc; asahya — unbearable; tejaḥ — the heat of which; dhanuḥ ca — and the bow; śārṅgam — named Śārṅga; stanayitnu — the resounding of assembled clouds; ghoṣam — sounding like.
O King, when all the demons, the followers of Mahārāja Bali, saw the universal form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who held everything within His body, when they saw in the Lord’s hand His disc, known as the Sudarśana cakra, which generates intolerable heat, and when they heard the tumultuous sound of His bow, all of these caused lamentation within their hearts.