SB 8.15.26

nainaṁ kaścit kuto vāpi
 prativyoḍhum adhīśvaraḥ
pibann iva mukhenedaṁ
 lihann iva diśo daśa
dahann iva diśo dṛgbhiḥ
 saṁvartāgnir ivotthitaḥ
na — not; enam — this arrangement; kaścit — anyone; kutaḥ — from anywhere; api — either; prativyoḍhum — to counteract; adhīśvaraḥ — capable; piban iva — as if drinking; mukhena — by the mouth; idam — this (world); lihan iva — as if licking up; diśaḥ daśa — all ten directions; dahan iva — as if burning; diśaḥ — all directions; dṛgbhiḥ — by his vision; saṁvarta-agniḥ — the fire known as saṁvarta; iva — like; utthitaḥ — now arisen.
No one anywhere can counteract this military arrangement of Bali’s. It now appears that Bali is trying to drink up the entire universe with his mouth, lick up the ten directions with his tongue, and raise fire in every direction with his eyes. Indeed, he has arisen like the annihilating fire known as saṁvartaka.