SB 7.5.47

aprameyānubhāvo ’yam
 akutaścid-bhayo ’maraḥ
nūnam etad-virodhena
 mṛtyur me bhavitā na vā
aprameya — unlimited; anubhāvaḥ — glory; ayam — this; akutaścit-bhayaḥ — having no fear from any quarter; amaraḥ — immortal; nūnam — definitely; etat-virodhena — because of going against him; mṛtyuḥ — death; me — my; bhavitā — may be; na — not; — or.
I can see that this boy’s strength is unlimited, for he has not feared any of my punishments. He appears immortal. Therefore, because of my enmity toward him, I shall die. Or maybe this will not take place.