SB 7.10.57

athānugṛhya bhagavān
 mā bhaiṣṭeti surān vibhuḥ
śaraṁ dhanuṣi sandhāya
 pureṣv astraṁ vyamuñcata
atha — thereafter; anugṛhya — just to show them favor; bhagavān — the most powerful; — do not; bhaiṣṭa — be afraid; iti — thus; surān — unto the demigods; vibhuḥ — Lord Śiva; śaram — arrows; dhanuṣi — on the bow; sandhāya — fixing; pureṣu — at those three residences occupied by the demons; astram — weapons; vyamuñcata — released.
The most powerful and able Lord Śiva reassured them and said, “Do not be afraid.” He then fixed his arrows to his bow and released them toward the three residences occupied by the demons.