SB 6.7.37

tathāpi na pratibrūyāṁ
 gurubhiḥ prārthitaṁ kiyat
bhavatāṁ prārthitaṁ sarvaṁ
 prāṇair arthaiś ca sādhaye
tathā api — still; na — not; pratibrūyām — I may refuse; gurubhiḥ — by persons on the level of my spiritual master; prārthitam — request; kiyat — of small value; bhavatām — of all of you; prārthitam — the desire; sarvam — whole; prāṇaiḥ — by my life; arthaiḥ — by my possessions; ca — also; sādhaye — I shall execute.
All of you are my superiors. Therefore although accepting priesthood is sometimes reproachable, I cannot refuse even a small request from you. I agree to be your priest. I shall fulfill your request by dedicating my life and possessions.