SB 6.19.16

tataḥ stuvīta stotreṇa
 bhakti-prahveṇa cetasā
yajñocchiṣṭam avaghrāya
 punar abhyarcayed dharim
tataḥ — then; stuvīta — one should praise; stotreṇa — with prayers; bhakti — with devotion; prahveṇa — humble; cetasā — with a mind; yajña-ucchiṣṭam — the remnants of sacrifice; avaghrāya — smelling; punaḥ — again; abhyarcayet — one should worship; harim — Lord Viṣṇu.
Thereafter, with devotion and humility, one should offer prayers to the Lord and mother Lakṣmī. Then one should smell the remnants of the food offered and then again worship the Lord and Lakṣmījī.