SB 6.18.48

nāpsu snāyān na kupyeta
 na sambhāṣeta durjanaiḥ
na vasītādhauta-vāsaḥ
 srajaṁ ca vidhṛtāṁ kvacit
na — not; apsu — in water; snāyāt — must bathe; na kupyeta — must not become angry; na sambhāṣeta — must not speak; durjanaiḥ — with wicked persons; na vasīta — must not wear; adhauta-vāsaḥ — unwashed clothes; srajam — flower garland; ca — and; vidhṛtām — which was already worn; kvacit — ever.
Kaśyapa Muni continued: My dear gentle wife, never enter the water while bathing, never be angry, and do not even speak or associate with wicked people. Never wear clothes that have not been properly washed, and do not put on a garland that has already been worn.