SB 6.18.36

so ’haṁ tvayārcito bhadre
 īdṛg-bhāvena bhaktitaḥ
taṁ te sampādaye kāmam
 asatīnāṁ sudurlabham
saḥ — such a person; aham — I; tvayā — by you; arcitaḥ — worshiped; bhadre — O gentle woman; īdṛk-bhāvena — in such a way; bhaktitaḥ — with devotion; tam — that; te — your; sampādaye — shall fulfill; kāmam — desire; asatīnām — for unchaste women; su-durlabham — not obtainable.
My dear gentle wife, because you have worshiped me with great devotion, considering me a representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I shall reward you by fulfilling your desires, which are unobtainable for an unchaste wife.