SB 6.1.66

yatas tataś copaninye
 nyāyato ’nyāyato dhanam
babhārāsyāḥ kuṭumbinyāḥ
 kuṭumbaṁ manda-dhīr ayam
yataḥ tataḥ — wherever possible, however possible; ca — and; upaninye — he got; nyāyataḥ — properly; anyāyataḥ — improperly; dhanam — money; babhāra — he maintained; asyāḥ — of her; kuṭum-binyāḥ — possessing many sons and daughters; kuṭumbam — the family; manda-dhīḥ — bereft of all intelligence; ayam — this person (Ajāmila).
Although born of a brāhmaṇa family, this rascal, bereft of intelligence because of the prostitute’s association, earned money somehow or other, regardless of whether properly or improperly, and used it to maintain the prostitute’s sons and daughters.