SB 4.9.57

 mārgaṁ candana-carcitam
lājākṣataiḥ puṣpa-phalais
 taṇḍulair balibhir yutam
mṛṣṭa — fully cleansed; catvara — quadrangles; rathyā — highways; aṭṭa — raised sitting places; mārgam — lanes; candana — with sandalwood; carcitam — sprinkled; lāja — with fried rice; akṣataiḥ — and barley; puṣpa — with flowers; phalaiḥ — and fruits; taṇḍulaiḥ — with rice; balibhiḥ — auspicious presentations; yutam — provided with.
All the quadrangles, lanes and streets in the city, and the raised sitting places at the crossings, were thoroughly cleansed and sprinkled with sandalwood water; and auspicious grains such as rice and barley, and flowers, fruits and many other auspicious presentations, were scattered all over the city.