SB 4.5.23

śastrair astrānvitair evam
 anirbhinna-tvacaṁ haraḥ
vismayaṁ param āpanno
 dadhyau paśupatiś ciram
śastraiḥ — with weapons; astra-anvitaiḥ — with hymns (mantras); evam — thus; anirbhinna — not being cut; tvacam — the skin; haraḥ — Vīrabhadra; vismayam — bewilderment; param — greatest; āpannaḥ — was struck with; dadhyau — thought; paśupatiḥ — Vīrabhadra; ciram — for a long time.
He tried to cut the head of Dakṣa with hymns as well as weapons, but still it was hard to cut even the surface of the skin of Dakṣa’s head. Thus Vīrabhadra was exceedingly bewildered.