SB 4.19.16

evaṁ vainya-sutaḥ proktas
 tvaramāṇaṁ vihāyasā
anvadravad abhikruddho
 rāvaṇaṁ gṛdhra-rāḍ iva
evam — thus; vainya-sutaḥ — the son of King Pṛthu; proktaḥ — being ordered; tvaramāṇam — Indra, who was moving hastily; vihāyasā — in the sky; anvadravat — began to chase; abhikruddhaḥ — being very angry; rāvaṇam — Rāvaṇa; gṛdhra-rāṭ — the king of vultures; iva — like.
Being thus informed, the grandson of King Vena immediately began to follow Indra, who was fleeing through the sky in great haste. He was very angry with him, and he chased him just as the king of the vultures chased Rāvaṇa.