SB 4.15.26

vayaṁ tv aviditā loke
 sūtādyāpi varīmabhiḥ
karmabhiḥ katham ātmānaṁ
 gāpayiṣyāma bālavat
vayam — we; tu — then; aviditāḥ — not famous; loke — in the world; sūta-ādya — O persons headed by the sūta; api — just now; varīmabhiḥ — great, praiseworthy; karmabhiḥ — by actions; katham — how; ātmānam — unto myself; gāpayiṣyāma — I shall engage you in offering; bālavat — like children.
King Pṛthu continued: My dear devotees, headed by the sūta, just now I am not very famous for my personal activities because I have not done anything praiseworthy you could glorify. Therefore how could I engage you in praising my activities exactly like children?

Thus end the Bhaktivedanta purports of the Fourth Canto, Fifteenth Chapter, of the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, entitled “King Pṛthu’s Appearance and Coronation.”