SB 4.1.31

athāsmad-aṁśa-bhūtās te
 ātmajā loka-viśrutāḥ
bhavitāro ’ṅga bhadraṁ te
 visrapsyanti ca te yaśaḥ
atha — therefore; asmat — our; aṁśa-bhūtāḥ — plenary expansions; te — your; ātmajāḥ — sons; loka-viśrutāḥ — very famous in the world; bhavitāraḥ — in the future will be born; aṅga — dear great sage; bhadram — all good fortune; te — unto you; visrapsyanti — will spread; ca — also; te — your; yaśaḥ — reputation.
You will have sons who will represent a partial manifestation of our potency, and because we desire all good fortune for you, those sons will glorify your reputation throughout the world.