SB 4.1.25

kṛpāvalokena hasad-
tad-rociṣā pratihate
 nimīlya munir akṣiṇī
kṛpā-avalokena — glancing with mercy; hasat — smiling; vadanena — with faces; upalambhitān — appearing very much satisfied; tat — their; rociṣā — by the glaring effulgence; pratihate — being dazzled; nimīlya — closing; muniḥ — the sage; akṣiṇī — his eyes.
Atri Muni was greatly pleased to see that the three devas were gracious towards him. His eyes were dazzled by the effulgence of their bodies, and therefore he closed his eyes for the time being.

Since the deities were smiling, he could understand that they were pleased with him. Their glaring bodily effulgence was intolerable to his eyes, so he closed them for the time being.