SB 4.1.19

prāṇāyāmena saṁyamya
 mano varṣa-śataṁ muniḥ
atiṣṭhad eka-pādena
 nirdvandvo ’nila-bhojanaḥ
prāṇāyāmena — by practice of the breathing exercise; saṁyamya — controlling; manaḥ — mind; varṣa-śatam — one hundred years; muniḥ — the great sage; atiṣṭhat — remained there; eka-pādena — standing on one leg; nirdvandvaḥ — without duality; anila — air; bhojanaḥ — eating.
There the great sage concentrated his mind by the yogic breathing exercises, and thereby controlling all attachment, he remained standing on one leg only, eating nothing but air, and stood there on one leg for one hundred years.