SB 4.1.18

tasmin prasūna-stabaka-
vārbhiḥ sravadbhir udghuṣṭe
 nirvindhyāyāḥ samantataḥ
tasmin — in that; prasūna-stabaka — bunches of flowers; palāśa — palāśa trees; aśoka — aśoka trees; kānane — in the forest garden; vārbhiḥ — by the waters; sravadbhiḥ — flowing; udghuṣṭe — in sound; nirvindhyāyāḥ — of the river Nirvindhyā; samantataḥ — everywhere.
In that mountain valley flows a river named Nirvindhyā. On the bank of the river are many aśoka trees and other plants full of palāśa flowers, and there is always the sweet sound of water flowing from a waterfall. The husband and wife reached that beautiful place.