SB 3.7.24

yatra putraiś ca pautraiś ca
 naptṛbhiḥ saha gotrajaiḥ
prajā vicitrākṛtaya
 āsan yābhir idaṁ tatam
yatra — wherein; putraiḥ — along with sons; ca — and; pautraiḥ — along with grandsons; ca — also; naptṛbhiḥ — with grandsons from daughters; saha — along with; gotra-jaiḥ — of the same family; prajāḥ — generations; vicitra — of different kinds; ākṛtayaḥ — so done; āsan — exist; yābhiḥ — by whom; idam — all these planets; tatam — spread.
O my lord, I think that the process manifest in the forms of sons, grandsons and family members has spread all over the universe in different varieties and species.