SB 3.33.36

etan nigaditaṁ tāta
 yat pṛṣṭo ’haṁ tavānagha
kapilasya ca saṁvādo
 devahūtyāś ca pāvanaḥ
etat — this; nigaditam — spoken; tāta — O dear Vidura; yat — which; pṛṣṭaḥ — was asked; aham — I; tava — by you; anagha — O sinless Vidura; kapilasya — of Kapila; ca — and; saṁvādaḥ — conversation; devahūtyāḥ — of Devahūti; ca — and; pāvanaḥ — pure.
My dear son, since you have inquired from me, I have answered. O sinless one, the descriptions of Kapiladeva and His mother and their activities are the purest of all pure discourses.