SB 3.33.23

dhyāyatī bhagavad-rūpaṁ
 yad āha dhyāna-gocaram
sutaḥ prasanna-vadanaṁ
dhyāyatī — meditating; bhagavat-rūpam — upon the form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; yat — which; āha — He instructed; dhyāna-gocaram — the object of meditation; sutaḥ — her son; prasanna-vadanam — with a smiling face; samasta — on the whole; vyasta — on the parts; cintayā — with her mind.
Thereafter, having heard with great eagerness and in all detail from her son, Kapiladeva, the eternally smiling Personality of Godhead, Devahūti began to meditate constantly upon the Viṣṇu form of the Supreme Lord.