SB 3.18.27

adhunaiṣo ’bhijin nāma
 yogo mauhūrtiko hy agāt
śivāya nas tvaṁ suhṛdām
 āśu nistara dustaram
adhunā — now; eṣaḥ — this; abhijit nāma — called abhijit; yogaḥ — auspicious; mauhūrtikaḥ — moment; hi — indeed; agāt — has almost passed; śivāya — for the welfare; naḥ — of us; tvam — You; suhṛdām — of Your friends; āśu — quickly; nistara — dispose of; dustaram — the formidable foe.
The auspicious period known as abhijit, which is most opportune for victory, commenced at midday and has all but passed; therefore, in the interest of Your friends, please dispose of this formidable foe quickly.