SB 3.17.6

 ghaṭayā naṣṭa-bhāgaṇe
vyomni praviṣṭa-tamasā
 na sma vyādṛśyate padam
uddhasat — laughing loudly; taḍit — lightning; ambhoda — of clouds; ghaṭayā — by masses; naṣṭa — lost; bhā-gaṇe — the luminaries; vyomni — in the sky; praviṣṭa — enveloped; tamasā — by darkness; na — not; sma vyādṛśyate — could be seen; padam — any place.
The luminaries in the heavens were screened by masses of clouds, in which lightning sometimes flashed as though laughing. Darkness reigned everywhere, and nothing could be seen.