SB 3.17.29

sa evam utsikta-madena vidviṣā
 dṛḍhaṁ pralabdho bhagavān apāṁ patiḥ
roṣaṁ samutthaṁ śamayan svayā dhiyā
 vyavocad aṅgopaśamaṁ gatā vayam
saḥ — Varuṇa; evam — thus; utsikta — puffed up; madena — with vanity; vidviṣā — by the enemy; dṛḍham — deeply; pralabdhaḥ — mocked; bhagavān — worshipful; apām — of the waters; patiḥ — the lord; roṣam — anger; samuttham — sprung up; śamayan — controlling; svayā dhiyā — by his reason; vyavocat — he replied; aṅga — O dear one; upaśamam — desisting from warfare; gatāḥ — gone; vayam — we.
Thus mocked by an enemy whose vanity knew no bounds, the worshipful lord of the waters waxed angry, but by dint of his reason he managed to curb the anger that had sprung up in him, and he replied: O dear one, we have now desisted from warfare, having grown too old for combat.

As we see, warmongering materialists always create fighting without reason.