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SB 12.9.15

sa-kṣmāntarikṣaṁ sa-divaṁ sa-bhā-gaṇaṁ
 trai-lokyam āsīt saha digbhir āplutam
sa eka evorvarito mahā-munir
 babhrāma vikṣipya jaṭā jaḍāndha-vat
sa — along with; kṣmā — the earth; antarikṣam — and outer space; sa-divam — along with the heavenly planets; sa-bhā-gaṇam — along with all the celestial bodies; trai-lokyam — the three worlds; āsīt — became; saha — along with; digbhiḥ — all the directions; āplutam — flooded; saḥ — he; ekaḥ — alone; eva — indeed; urvaritaḥ — remaining; mahā-muniḥ — the great sage; babhrāma — wandered about; vikṣipya — scattering; jaṭāḥ — his matted locks; jaḍa — a dumb person; andha — a blind person; vat — like.
The water inundated the earth, outer space, heaven and the celestial region. Indeed, the entire expanse of the universe was flooded in all directions, and out of all its inhabitants only Mārkaṇḍeya remained. His matted hair scattered, the great sage wandered about alone in the water as if dumb and blind.