SB 12.6.5

bhagavaṁs takṣakādibhyo
 mṛtyubhyo na bibhemy aham
praviṣṭo brahma nirvāṇam
 abhayaṁ darśitaṁ tvayā
bhagavan — my lord; takṣaka — from the snake-bird Takṣaka; ādibhyaḥ — or other living entities; mṛtyubhyaḥ — from repeated deaths; na bibhemi — do not fear; aham — I; praviṣṭaḥ — having entered; brahma — the Absolute Truth; nirvāṇam — exclusive of everything material; abhayam — fearlessness; darśitam — shown; tvayā — by you.
My lord, I now have no fear of Takṣaka or any other living being, or even of repeated deaths, because I have absorbed myself in that purely spiritual Absolute Truth, which you have revealed and which destroys all fear.