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SB 11.9.24

evaṁ gurubhya etebhya
 eṣā me śikṣitā matiḥ
svātmopaśikṣitāṁ buddhiṁ
 śṛṇu me vadataḥ prabho
evam — thus; gurubhyaḥ — from the spiritual masters; etebhyaḥ — from these; eṣā — this; me — by me; śikṣitā — learned; matiḥ — knowledge; sva-ātma — from one’s own body; upaśikṣitām — learned; buddhim — knowledge; śṛṇu — please hear; me — from me; vadataḥ — as I am speaking; prabho — O King.
O King, from all these spiritual masters I have acquired great wisdom. Now please listen as I explain what I learned from my own body.