SB 11.7.70

so ’haṁ śūnye gṛhe dīno
 mṛta-dāro mṛta-prajaḥ
jijīviṣe kim arthaṁ vā
 vidhuro duḥkha-jīvitaḥ
saḥ aham — myself; śūnye — empty; gṛhe — in the house; dīnaḥ — wretched; mṛta-dāraḥ — my wife dead; mṛta-prajaḥ — my children dead; jijīviṣe — I should want to live; kim artham — for what purpose; — indeed; vidhuraḥ — suffering separation; duḥkha — miserable; jīvitaḥ — my life.
Now I am a wretched person living in an empty home. My wife is dead; my children are dead. Why should I possibly want to live? My heart is so pained by separation from my family that life itself has become simply suffering.