SB 11.7.66

sāsakṛt sneha-guṇitā
svayaṁ cābadhyata śicā
 baddhān paśyanty apasmṛtiḥ
— she; asakṛt — constantly; sneha — by material affection; guṇitā — bound up; dīna-cittā — of crippled intelligence; aja — of the unborn Supreme Lord; māyayā — by the illusory potency; svayam — herself; ca — also; abadhyata — became caught; śicā — by the net; baddhān — the captured (children); paśyantī — while looking at; apasmṛtiḥ — having forgotten herself.
The lady pigeon had always allowed herself to be bound by the ropes of intense material affection, and thus her mind was overwhelmed by anguish. Being in the grip of the illusory energy of the Lord, she completely forgot herself, and rushing forward to her helpless children, she was immediately bound in the hunter’s net.