SB 11.7.12

sarva-bhūta-suhṛc chānto
paśyan mad-ātmakaṁ viśvaṁ
 na vipadyeta vai punaḥ
sarva-bhūta — to all creatures; su-hṛt — a well-wisher; śāntaḥ — peaceful; jñāna-vijñāna — in knowledge and transcendental realization; niścayaḥ — firmly fixed; paśyan — seeing; mat-ātmakam — pervaded by Me; viśvam — the universe; na vipadyeta — will never fall into the cycle of repeated birth and death; vai — indeed; punaḥ — again.
One who is the kind well-wisher of all living beings, who is peaceful and firmly fixed in knowledge and realization, sees Me within all things. Such a person never again falls down into the cycle of birth and death.