SB 11.27.47

iti śeṣāṁ mayā dattāṁ
 śirasy ādhāya sādaram
udvāsayec ced udvāsyaṁ
 jyotir jyotiṣi tat punaḥ
iti — thus praying; śeṣām — the remnants; mayā — by Me; dattām — given; śirasi — on one’s head; ādhāya — placing; sa-ādaram — respectfully; udvāsayet — should send the Deity away; cet — if; udvāsyam — if such is meant to be performed; jyotiḥ — the light; jyotiṣi — within the light; tat — that; punaḥ — once again.
Praying in this way, the devotee should respectfully place upon his head the remnants I offer to him. And if the particular Deity is meant to be sent away at the end of the worship, then this should be performed, the devotee once again placing the light of the Deity’s presence inside the light of the lotus within his own heart.