SB 11.26.18

kvāyaṁ malīmasaḥ kāyo
 daurgandhyādy-ātmako ’śuciḥ
kva guṇāḥ saumanasyādyā
 hy adhyāso ’vidyayā kṛtaḥ
kva — where; ayam — this; malīmasaḥ — very filthy; kāyaḥ — material body; daurgandhya — bad odor; ādi — and so on; ātmakaḥ — consisting of; aśuciḥ — unclean; kva — where; guṇāḥ — the so-called good qualities; saumanasya — the fragrance and tenderness of flowers; ādyāḥ — and so on; hi — certainly; adhyāsaḥ — the superficial imposition; avidyayā — by ignorance; kṛtaḥ — created.
What is this polluted body anyway — so filthy and full of bad odors? I was attracted by the fragrance and beauty of a woman’s body, but what are those so-called attractive features? They are simply a false covering created by illusion.

Purūravā now understands that although he was madly attracted to the fragrant, shapely body of Urvaśī, in fact that body was a sack of stool, gas, bile, mucus, hairs and other repugnant elements. In other words, Purūravā is now becoming sane.