SB 11.25.17

vikurvan kriyayā cā-dhīr
 anivṛttiś ca cetasām
gātrāsvāsthyaṁ mano bhrāntaṁ
 raja etair niśāmaya
vikurvan — becoming distorted; kriyayā — by activity; ca — and; ā — even up to; dhīḥ — the intelligence; anivṛttiḥ — failure to stop; ca — and; cetasām — on the part of the conscious faculties of intelligence and the senses; gātra — of the working senses; asvāsthyam — unhealthy condition; manaḥ — the mind; bhrāntam — unsteady; rajaḥ — passion; etaiḥ — by these symptoms; niśāmaya — you should understand.
You should discern the mode of passion by its symptoms — the distortion of the intelligence because of too much activity, the inability of the perceiving senses to disentangle themselves from mundane objects, an unhealthy condition of the working physical organs, and the unsteady perplexity of the mind.