SB 11.10.26

tāvat sa modate svarge
 yāvat puṇyaṁ samāpyate
kṣīṇa-puṇyaḥ pataty arvāg
 anicchan kāla-cālitaḥ
tāvat — that long; saḥ — he; modate — enjoys life; svarge — in the heavenly planets; yāvat — until; puṇyam — his pious results; samāpyate — are used up; kṣīṇa — exhausted; puṇyaḥ — his piety; patati — he falls; arvāk — down from heaven; anicchan — not desiring to fall; kāla — by time; cālitaḥ — pushed down.
Until his pious results are used up, the performer of sacrifice enjoys life in the heavenly planets. When the pious results are exhausted, however, he falls down from the pleasure gardens of heaven, being moved against his desire by the force of eternal time.