SB 10.85.50

ita etān praṇeṣyāmo
tataḥ śāpād vinirmaktā
 lokaṁ yāsyanti vijvarāḥ
itaḥ — from here; etān — them; praṇeṣyāmaḥ — We wish to take; mātṛ — of their mother; śoka — the lamentation; apanuttaye — in order to dispel; tataḥ — then; śāpāt — from their curse; vinirmuktāḥ — freed; lokam — to their own planet (of the demigods); yāsyanti — they will go; vijvarāḥ — relieved of their feverish condition.
We wish to take them from this place to dispel their mother’s sorrow. Then, released from their curse and free from all suffering, they will return to their home in heaven.

As pointed out by Śrīla Prabhupāda in his purports to Chapter Two, texts 5 and 8, of this canto, Marīci’s sons were condemned for their offense against Lord Brahmā, and in addition Hiraṇyakaśipu once cursed them to be killed by their own father in a future life. This curse was fulfilled by Vasudeva’s letting Kaṁsa murder them one by one.