SB 10.84.62

asmāsv apratikalpeyaṁ
 yat kṛtājñeṣu sattamaiḥ
maitry arpitāphalā cāpi
 na nivarteta karhicit
asmāsu — to us; apratikalpā — incomparable; iyam — this; yat — since; kṛta-ajñeṣu — who are oblivious of the mercy that has been shown them; sat-tamaiḥ — by those who are most saintly; maitrī — friendship; arpitā — offered; aphalā — unreciprocated; ca api — even though; na nivarteta — it does not cease; karhicit — ever.
Indeed, the Supreme Lord must have created the bonds of affection, for such exalted saints as you have never stopped showing matchless friendship toward us ingrates, although it has never been properly reciprocated.