SB 10.84.54

snāto ’laṅkāra-vāsāṁsi
 vandibhyo ’dāt tathā striyaḥ
tataḥ sv-alaṅkṛto varṇān
 ā-śvabhyo ’nnena pūjayat
snātaḥ — bathed; alaṅkāra — jewelry; vāsāṁsi — and clothing; vandibhyaḥ — to the bards; adāt — gave; tathā — also; striyaḥ — the women; tataḥ — then; su-alaṅkṛtaḥ — well ornamented; varṇān — all classes of people; ā — extending; śvabhyaḥ — to the dogs; annena — with food; pūjayat — he honored.
His sacred bath complete, Vasudeva joined with his wives in giving the jewelry and clothes they had been wearing to the professional reciters. Vasudeva then put on new garments, after which he honored all classes of people by feeding everyone, even the dogs.