SB 10.84.52

athartvigbhyo ’dadāt kāle
 yathāmnātaṁ sa dakṣiṇāḥ
sv-alaṅkṛtebhyo ’laṅkṛtya
 go-bhū-kanyā mahā-dhanāḥ
atha — then; ṛtvigbhyaḥ — to the priests; adadāt — gave; kāle — at the appropriate time; yathā-āmnātam — as stipulated in the scriptures; saḥ — he; dakṣiṇāḥ — gifts of thanks; su-alaṅkṛtebhyaḥ — who were richly adorned; alaṅkṛtya — decorating them even more elaborately; go — cows; bhū — land; kanyāḥ — and marriageable girls; mahā — greatly; dhanāḥ — valuable.
Then, at the appropriate time and according to scripture, Vasudeva remunerated the priests by decorating them with precious ornaments, though they were already richly adorned, and offering them valuable gifts of cows, land and marriageable girls.