SB 10.84.35

karmaṇā karma-nirhāra
 eṣa sādhu-nirūpitaḥ
yac chraddhayā yajed viṣṇuṁ
 sarva-yajñeśvaraṁ makhaiḥ
karmaṇā — by activity; karma — of the reactions of past actions; nirhāraḥ — the counteraction; eṣaḥ — this; sādhu — correctly; nirūpitaḥ — ascertained; yat — that; śraddhayā — with faith; yajet — one should worship; viṣṇum — Viṣṇu; sarva — of all; yajña — sacrifices; īśvaram — the Lord; makhaiḥ — by Vedic fire rituals.
[The sages said:] It has been definitely concluded that work is counteracted by further work when one executes Vedic sacrifices as a means of worshiping Viṣṇu, the Lord of all sacrifices, with sincere faith.