SB 10.84.20

tasmād brahma-kulaṁ brahman
 śāstra-yones tvam ātmanaḥ
sabhājayasi sad dhāma
 tad brahmaṇyāgraṇīr bhavān
tasmāt — therefore; brahma — of brāhmaṇas; kulam — to the community; brahman — O Absolute Truth; śāstra — the revealed scriptures; yoneḥ — whose means of realization; tvam — You; ātmanaḥ — of Yourself; sabhājayasi — show honor; sat — perfect; dhāma — the abode; tat — consequently; brahmaṇya — of those who respect brahminical culture; agranīḥ — the leader; bhavān — You.
Therefore, O Supreme Brahman, You honor the members of the brahminical community, for they are the perfect agents by which one can realize You through the evidence of the Vedas. For that very reason You are the foremost worshiper of the brāhmaṇas.