SB 10.83.3

kuto ’śivaṁ tvac-caraṇāmbujāsavaṁ
 mahan-manasto mukha-niḥsṛtaṁ kvacit
pibanti ye karṇa-puṭair alaṁ prabho
 dehaṁ-bhṛtāṁ deha-kṛd-asmṛti-cchidam
kutaḥ — from where; aśivam — inauspiciousness; tvat — Your; caraṇa — of the feet; ambuja — lotuslike; āsavam — the intoxicating nectar; mahat — of great souls; manastaḥ — from the minds; mukha — through their mouths; niḥsṛtam — poured out; kvacit — at any time; pibanti — drink; ye — who; karṇa — of their ears; puṭaiḥ — with the drinking cups; alam — as much as they wish; prabho — O master; deham — material bodies; bhṛtām — for those who possess; deha — of bodies; kṛt — about the creator; asmṛti — of forgetfulness; chidam — the eradicator.
[Lord Kṛṣṇa’s relatives said:] O master, how can misfortune arise for those who have even once freely drunk the nectar coming from Your lotus feet? This intoxicating liquor pours into the drinking cups of their ears, having flowed from the minds of great devotees through their mouths. It destroys the embodied souls’ forgetfulness of the creator of their bodily existence.