SB 10.81.17

nivāsitaḥ priyā-juṣṭe
 paryaṅke bhrātaro yathā
mahiṣyā vījitaḥ śrānto
nivāsitaḥ — seated; priyā — by His beloved; juṣṭe — used; paryaṅke — on the bed; bhrātaraḥ — brothers; yathā — just as; mahiṣyā — by His queen; vījitaḥ — fanned; śrāntaḥ — tired; bāla — of (yak-tail) hair; vyajana — a fan; hastayā — in whose hand.
He treated me just like one of His brothers, making me sit on the bed of His beloved consort. And because I was fatigued, His queen personally fanned me with a yak-tail cāmara.