SB 10.75.37

sthale ’bhyagṛhṇād vastrāntaṁ
 jalaṁ matvā sthale ’patat
jale ca sthala-vad bhrāntyā
sthale — on solid ground; abhyagṛhṇāt — he picked up; vastra — of his garment; antam — the end; jalam — water; matvā — thinking; sthale — and in another place; apatat — he fell; jale — into water; ca — and; sthala — solid ground; vat — as if; bhrāntyā — by the illusion; maya — of Maya Dānava; māyā — by the magic; vimohitaḥ — bewildered.
Bewildered by the illusions created through Maya Dānava’s magic, Duryodhana mistook the solid floor for water and lifted the end of his garment. And elsewhere he fell into the water, mistaking it for the solid floor.