SB 10.72.32

ayaṁ tu vayasātulyo
 nāti-sattvo na me samaḥ
arjuno na bhaved yoddhā
 bhīmas tulya-balo mama
ayam — this; tu — on the other hand; vayasā — in age; atulyaḥ — unequal; na — not; ati — much; sattvaḥ — having strength; na — not; me — to me; samaḥ — evenly matched; arjunaḥ — Arjuna; na bhavet — should not be; yoddhā — the contender; bhīmaḥ — Bhīma; tulya — equal; balaḥ — in strength; mama — with me.
“As for this one, Arjuna, he is not as old as I, nor is he very strong. Since he is no match for me, he should not be the contender. Bhīma, however, is as strong as I am.”