SB 10.64.22

etasminn antare yāmair
 dūtair nīto yama-kṣayam
yamena pṛṣṭas tatrāhaṁ
 deva-deva jagat-pate
etasmin — at this; antare — opportunity; yāmaiḥ — of Yamarāja, the lord of death; dūtaiḥ — by the messengers; nītaḥ — taken; yama-kṣayam — to the abode of Yamarāja; yamena — by Yamarāja; pṛṣṭaḥ — questioned; tatra — there; aham — I; deva-deva — O Lord of lords; jagat — of the universe; pate — O master.
O Lord of lords, O master of the universe, the agents of Yamarāja, taking advantage of the opportunity thus created, later carried me to his abode. There Yamarāja himself questioned me.

According to the ācāryas, the King’s performance of fruitive activities had previously been flawless. But now an inadvertent discrepancy had arisen, and so when the King died the Yamadūtas took him to the abode of Yamarāja, called Saṁyamanī.