SB 10.57.40

evaṁ sāmabhir ālabdhaḥ
 śvaphalka-tanayo maṇim
ādāya vāsasācchannaḥ
 dadau sūrya-sama-prabham
evam — thus; sāmabhiḥ — with conciliatory words; ālabdhaḥ — reproached; śvaphalka-tanayaḥ — the son of Śvaphalka; maṇim — the Syamantaka jewel; ādāya — taking; vāsasā — in his garment; ācchannaḥ — concealed; dadau — he gave; sūrya — to the sun; sama — equal; prabham — in effulgence.
Thus shamed by Lord Kṛṣṇa’s conciliatory words, the son of Śvaphalka brought out the jewel from where he had concealed it in his clothing and gave it to the Lord. The brilliant gem shone like the sun.

We can see in this chapter how a valuable jewel caused so much intrigue, violence and suffering. This is certainly a good lesson for those who desire a trouble-free spiritual life.